Austin is one of three communities selected nationally to participate in a 100-Day Challenge by A Way Home America & Rapid Results Institute.  The goal is to convene all community stakeholders to choose and plan around one ambitious goal to significantly reduce youth homelessness in 100 days. What we learn along the way will inform practices nationally to end youth and young adult homelessness by 2020.

 The 100-Day Challenge launched Friday, September 9th and will end December 19th.




Estimated Number of Youth and Young Adults (under age 24) that experience an episode of homelessness during one night in Austin Texas.



Number of Youth and Young Adults (under age 24) that experience an episode of homelessness longer than one week annually in the United States



Number of Minors (under age 18) who experience at least one night away from home annually in the United States

Homelessness among youth is a serious issue in the United States. Homeless youth, or often referred to as unaccompanied youth, are individuals who lack parental, foster or institutional care.  

Youth run away or are homeless for a range of reasons, but involvement in the juvenile justice or child welfare systems, abuse, neglect, abandonment, and severe family conflict have all been found to be associated with youth becoming homeless. Unaccompanied youth experiencing homelessness are often targets of exploitation and victimization.

According to the data collected by the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition, there were over 7,054 persons experiencing homelessness in Austin & Travis county in 2015.  Of that 7,000 persons over 24% were youth experiencing homelessness between the ages of 0-24.


Over the next 100 days we have set the following  main goal for our community: In 100 days, we will house 50 currently homeless youth (age 18-24) in Travis County, of which at least 50% will be former foster care youth. And we will connect 100% of youth exiting foster care who are imminently at risk of homelessness to safe and stable housing.

We have also set a secondary goal to recruit and train 30 community volunteer to help Youth navigating the challenges of homelessness and housing. 


Community involvement is crucial to the success of us achieving our goals!

There are 4 ways that you can get involved and help youth experiencing homelessness find A Way Home.



Community Connectors

There are many challenges for a youth experiencing homelessness. Navigating the steps to housing can be difficult and overwhelming. We are looking for people to come along side the youth and serve as an extra support to help encourage youth on the pathway to housing and help them navigate various challenges once they are housed. The days and times to fill this role are flexible. Training and support will be provided to all volunteers!
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All youth moving into apartments will need the things that ALL young people need for their first apartment, so we are launching donation drives for Apartment Starter Kits that fall under three main categories: Cleaning Kits: Broom | Mops | Sponges | Cleaning & Storage Buckets | Cleaners | Light Bulbs
Bathroom Kits: Bath Towels | Washcloths | Hand Towels | Bath Mats | Shower Curtains
Kitchen/Dining Kits: Set of Dishes and Bowls for 4 | Set of Drinking Glasses for 4 | Small, Medium, and Large Saucepans w/Lids | Skillet | Set of Flatware for 4 | Microwave | Sandwich Grill | Kitchen Utensils: Mixing Spoons, Pot Holders, Cutting Boards, Paring Knives | Beginner Cookbooks
Kits can be dropped off at 3700 South First Street. Please contact Maureen Engle at 512-735-2400 for more information.


While we hope to reunify some youth with family or other support networks, our most pressing need is affordable apartments.  If you are a landlord and would like to help, CLICK HERE to Erin Whelan to find out more information or call 512-735-2400.


Each of the organizations involved is stretching its staffing and housing resources to be a part of this challenge.  Please consider a donation to any of the agencies listed at the bottom of this page.


The 100 Day Challenge is a city-wide effort that only happens though the partnership of the following organizations; Ending Community Homelessness Coalition, LifeWorks, Department of Family and Protective Services, Austin Travis County Integral Care, Salvation Army, Caritas, FrontSteps, City of Austin, Travis County, Austin Opportunity Youth Collaborative, Housing Authority of the City of Austin, Safe Alliance, AISD, APD, Restore Strategies, and many others.